harness the perfect blend of
business expertise and live music for an unforgettable
one-of-a kind team building experience

What Makes Uptempo Unique?

  • The UPTEMPO!  Band demonstrates communication, flexible thinking , listening and teamwork
  • Participants learn in real-time while the UPTEMPO! team teaches them skills that they can immediately bring back to the office
  • An interactive experience where the participants become the band

UpTempo! can be used in many forms

  • To kick off a strategic planning, sales or leadership event
  • To stimulate creativity and innovation among your employees
  • To build trust and create cohesive, high-performing teams

Why UpTempo! Works

Absolutely no PowerPoints here!  Our approach is learning by doing.  The participants observe how a live band seamlessly incorporates communication, flexible thinking, listening, leadership.  Then they collaborate with the band on a musical challenge in a way that requires them to practice those skills in real time!  

Our business and musical facilitators have been educated at top schools including Columbia University, Harvard Business School and Berklee College of Music.

uptempo! gets results

The impact of UPTEMPO! experience is impactful and lasts!

  • Removes walls between participants so true creativity and collaboration can happen
  • Introduces skills to boost business creativity, problem solving and team work
  • Establishes a new norm for working together after the session

popular uptempo! themes

UPTEMPO! sessions can be tailored to your specific needs. Among the most popular themes for UPTEMPO! events are:

Flexible Thinking
Flexible Leadership

Handling Conflict
Team Building
Team Trust
Building Empathy

Working Under Pressure
Problem Solving
Working Fast
Learning Improvisation


“I enjoyed that it did not have as much of a “corporate” feel.”

“It was interactive and out of the normal for us”

” I enjoyed that it opened folks up enough to be creative together. Reduction of barriers to get folks to co-lead was critical to that process.”

” How different people can be, but still can come together to produce something great.”

“The importance of listening to each other, the leadership roles everyone takes on in a team, even if they aren’t in charge”

Our Team

We blend the best talent from worlds of business and music to bring you a unique experience.

Chuck presbury

Chuck is the UPTEMPO! Co-moderator who leads the audience through the experience of discovering the magic of musical collaboration and how to transfer it to the workplace. Chuck is a leadership and organizational performance consultant. He also teaches in these areas in the MBA program at the John Welch School of Business and technology at Sacred Heart University.

Chuck Chesler

Chuck is the UPTEMPO! Co- moderator who demonstrates the techniques and secrets of musical collaboration and improvisation. He is also a serial entrepreneur with multiple exits, a Harvard Business School Alum and a business strategy consultant who focuses on helping companies grow revenue. Chuck frequently consults on disruptive innovation and execution for companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. When not consulting, he is a professional musician and leads his own band, Tyrone Shoelaces.

Sam Wagner
Musical Director

Sam is a member of the ensemble. He is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music in Boston, a mulit-instrumentalist and a performer in the greater NYC area. He is the Composer/Producer of The Brighton Beat and the quartet Mr. Clifford. His playing is featured on many records, and his recording/production work has been featured on radio, network television, and more. Sam is an educator in the Hudson Valley working with students at all levels.

Matt Graff
Musical Director

Matt is a member of the ensemble. He is a freelance drummer and audio engineer. A graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston, he has played tours across the US and Europe, as well as countless shows in and around New York City He has performed with a wide variety of artists, including Midge Ure, Paul Young, Emily Saliers (of the Indigo Girls), Dorrance Dance, Toshi Reagon, An Endless Sporadic and The Brighton Beat.


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